"Spirit" James Manley

Spirit Spirit of gentleness. Blow through the wilderness, calling and free.
Spirit Spirit of restlessness, stir me from placidness, wind wind on the sea.
You moved on the waters, You called to the deep.
Then you coaxed up the mountains from the valleys of sleep,
and over the eons You called to each thing-
Awake from your slumber and rise on your wings.

In Memory of Corky,
a gentle Collie Dog

May 1991, age 4 years

May 1991, age 4 years

May 1997, age 10 years

June 1998, age 11 years

January 1999, age almost 12 years


"Wil-a-dor's Corky"
Born: March 31, 1987
Journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge: September 3rd, 1999 11:40 A.M.

Corky was a purebred collie, I had just lost a dog and was scanning the newspapers when I saw an ad for collies for sale due to neighbor problems. The kennel had quite a few collies, the 2 year old adult whom I would take home July 19 1988 became my "Corky", a $50 dog and the best $50 I ever spent.

He was skittery and shy at first and I hand picked over 100 fleas off his skin the first night. Eventually Corky learned to trust people, and became one of the most gentle dogs I've known. Over the years he truly accepted the other larger intact male dogs in the house, and even spent hours grooming their slobbery faces with gusto untill the groomee got tired of the personal attention and dogtold him to cut it out! On occasion there would be a skirmish but it was rare.
Corky adored organ music and would get up from a deep sleep on the other end of the house to lay by the organ as I played it, and then fall asleep. He did this every time I played it.

He was by far the healthiest dog I've ever owned, never sick a day in his life. In his 12th year his first 'real visit' to the vets was to extract an infected canine tooth. During the summer of 1999
Corky began getting slower and having more difficulty walking, In the last days of August he worsened untill September 2 when he was unable to get up from the floor and had wet himself.

I knew in my heart this was serious, cancer I suspected. The night of Thursday September 2, I carried him to the bedroom where he liked to sleep on my bed, and laid him on a towel on the floor to sleep. He had refused water and food earlier so I got some water into him with a bulb syringe.

Stroking his fur and his ears, I went to bed knowing this was likely his last night. Early the next morning some noises awakened me, it was Corky trying to get up, but he was unable to, his mind wanted to but his body would'nt cooperate.

Carrying him into the vets after a reflective and sadening drive, I knew this would be his last time there, the diagnosis was kidney failure along with some liver involvement and a failing heart. He had at best 48 hours the doctor said.
I gave the consent to have Corky euthanized at that time
I held his head in my arms and stroked his ears as the injection of the pink fluid was given, his head started to relax in my arms, but then something terrible happened which will stay with me always, he began crying out and gasping for air. It was a terrible thing to see and very upsetting even though I am told it is just reflex action.
I'll never know if it was just reflex or if something went wrong and the drug had not put him under completely before stopping his heart. It will haunt me always I'm afraid.

Corky is buried under a small tree in my back yard, the memories of him buried in my heart always.
Love always

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